About us:

The Atua Enkop Africa collection is made up of four small and exclusive camps, located in three prime game-viewing areas in Kenya, each offering a diversity of experience. Our name, Atua Enkop Africa, means 'from the earth' or more broadly 'out of Africa' in the Maa language of the Maasai people. This uniquely African quality is reflected in the luxurious ambiance of all our camps.

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Atua Enkop Africa was formed in 2006 by professionals in the Kenya Tourism sector, who between them boast close to a century of experience in looking after guests from all over the world. Thus at Atua Enkop Africa  we truly understand how to provide that once in a lifetime experience to the discerning guest.​


​Atua Enkop Africa's Vision is to create a first rate safari experience in natural, wild environments whilst offering luxurious and comfortable accommodation with unparalleled service, fine cuisine and experienced guiding.​



Our small and exclusive camps are located in The Great Rift Valley, Samburu National Reserve and the Maasai Mara National Reserve.  Each camp is perfectly placed to ensure an unforgettable game-viewing experience.  They are not fenced-in, as we believe that animals have the right of way to use those trails which were exclusively theirs for centuries before we arrived.  Our camps thus provide the ultimate bush experience to our guests, while your security and safety remains of paramount importance to our vigilant staff.​


​Kenyan people are naturally friendly and compassionate, thus creating the ideal family atmosphere for our guests. Our locally-recruited staff are trained to high professional standards.  Our chefs also interact with guests to provide a true gourmet experience in the bush, tailor-made to suit individual tastes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Interacting with local communities

Atua Enkop Africa strongly believes in interaction with the communities that live close to the location of our camps. In line with this we have undertaken a number of projects to benefit surrounding communities whilst also ensuring that a good number of our staff are employed from these local communities.


​Some of our endeavours include:

  • The supply of tree water from our bore hole which has resulted in the near eradication of  typhoid in the Tipilikwani area in the Maasai Mara.​

  • Supporting a local school, through the funding of building projects, again in the Mara area.

  • Tree planting to enhance the bush coverage along the Talek River in the Maasai Mara.

  • Building (and donation) of a toilet block at the airstrip that serves the Samburu and Buffalo Springs National eco-system.

  • Supporting a local village in the Samburu area by displaying and marketing their artwork and fashion accessories, including bracelets, necklaces, beadwork, etc in our camps shops.